Services For Emerging & Unsigned Bands

Band services including – Digital Distribution, Label Setups, Online & Offline Press, National & Regional Radio Plugging and Music Video Servicing for Unsigned Artists and Bands.

We provide the services – You provide the hits

We don’t throw music at a wall and see what sticks. Our bespoke services are competitively priced to suit any budget starting from £35 to £1999 for distribution and a full comprehensive campaign.

Maybe we’re what you’ve been looking for

If your band doesn't have 50 grand to buy on to a Tour or your Dad isn't the FD at Universal or maybe you've not studied at the Brit School and been spotted by some lazy ass AR department who've never travelled North of Watford Gap..... Then we could be what you've been looking for.

From 2001

when we worked closely with Dean Johnson to get his music career off the ground with a critically acclaimed album. He’s played huge venues, opened for huge acts and received airplay from the highest paying radio stations. He’s still in the business and a highly respected singer/songwriter …

To 2017

when we created the Rent & Debt label for Skellums and co-ordinated there 1st single release. Became one of 6 Music’s ‘One To Watch’  and got great reviews on their debut EP. We manage their label and advise on all aspects of their career …

and Trusted

or Julia Baird (John Lennons’ Sister), we archived and made available unique interviews and recordings from her private collection. We take our work seriously. Lets hear what you’ve got.